Mr. Jack Shen is the founder of Greatland Films. He shows his passion and ambition about producing from 23 years ago when he started his career. After he graduated from Shih Hsin Film Department, he work hard from the basic level and shows his talent. Especially during the 9 years he work in the Good shot company. Because his talent is … by the boss, he is promoted from producer to the general manager. In 1996, Jack leaves the company with high efficiency production ability and exact professional technique. He establish Greatland Films to turn his occupation to career for life.

In the principles of keeping improving, Jack opens his eyes to the world searching for more international cooperation in order to produce better films. Many talent have working relationship with us, such as Hong Kong director Yim Ho、Hui On-Wah、Alex Cheung、Stanley Kwan, academic award winner photographer Peter Pau, Japan photographer Saito Yoshitake. With many help of international talents, we create many award pieces. In that the name of Greatland films become will know and the ambition of Jack push to another climax. In the teaching and learning promote and enhance each other environment, Jack’s idea pass to the new members of the company. When Jack keeping searching for new talents, Jack predicts the future of the commercial business as the same time.

Founder & CEO: Jack Shen

  • Education: Shih Hsin Film Department
  • Experience: Goodshot international film production company / producer, producing manager, vice general manager, general manager.
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