2010 LongXi Advertising Awards

  • LongXi The best of TVC  Gold  Award.  Food/Snacks.  “12 Constellations” 
  • LongXi Silver Award.  Food/Snacks.  “Gemini Virgo”  
  • LongXi Bronze Award.  Food/Snacks. “Sagittarius”

2009 LongXi Advertising Awards

  • LongXi Silver Award.  Tourism/Travel.  Wego Love Motel.  “Soap.”

2008 LongXi Advertising Awards

  • LongXi Bronze Award.  Public Advocacy.  “Stupid.” “Useless.”

2007 LongXi Advertising Awards

  • LongXi Honors Award.  Finance/Insurance.  HiBank “Sperm Bank.”  
  • LongXi Honors Award.  Medicine/Health.  Madenform “Two Women.”

2005 LongXi Advertising Awards

  • LongXi Bronze Award.  Automotive.  LX330“Guidelines.”

32nd Timesawards

  • Silver Award.  Beverage Category.  TsingTao Beer.  “Full Range.”  


  • Branding/ Branding Communication in Moving Image
  • Wego Love Motel “Soap”

CLIO 2009

  • Technique-Cinematography
  • Wego “Soap”


  • Single Film Lotus  Gold
  • “Soap”

2008 Shooting Award Nomination

  • Electronics, Computers & Software
  • HTC touch

31st Timesawards

  • Gold Award.  Television Category.  Corporate Identity., Public Advocacy.  “Useless.”  “Stupid.”
  • Bronze Award.  Television Category.  Electronics.,  Sampo Airconditioner.  “Neighbor.”
  • Bronze Award.  Television Category.  Distribution.,  B&Q  Airconditioner CEO service.  “Casual Seller.”

29th Timesawards

  • Gold Award.  Television category.  Medicine/Health., Madenform.  “Two Women.”
  • Gold Award.  Television Category.  Transportation., Mercedes Benz S-Class “Wish.”
  • Gold Award.  Television Category.  Finance/Service., HiBank.  “Sperm Bank.”
  • Silver Award.  Television category.  Miscellanious Products, Gamestation.  “Puppy.”

4th Timesawards

  • Silver Award. Television Category.  Electronics.  
  • Ericsson.  “Beard/Mad Dog/Antenna/Rotor”
4As Creative Awards  Nomination Award. 
Craft Awards / Broadcast Best TV / Cinema Campaign-Best Art Direction

4th Timesawards.

  • Television Category.  Foods.  Nomination Award.
  • Uni-President Noodles.  “Call In.”
4As Creative Awards   Bronze Award.

HuaFeng Noodles

  • Craft Awards-Broadcast Best TV
  • Best Direction.
  • Television Campaign.  Silver Award.

Gigi Leung Music Video

  • 20th Timesawards.
  • Best Television Video.  Gold Award.

China Telecom.

  • 20th Timesawards.
  • Best Television Video.  Silver Award.

ING Insurance/ GuangHua

  • 20th Timesawards.
  • Best Television Video.  Excellence Award. 
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